In these difficult times of isolation and anxiety, I am overwhelmed by gratefulness for the things we take a bit for granted in the whirlwind of “normal” day-to-day life. In updating my website today (a great task for a rainy Tucson Spring day on day 31 of social distancing!)…I am overjoyed looking back on our lab’s year and for the fantastic group we have. I thrive off of my student’s (shhh don’t tell them ;)), and look forward to more lab fun & accomplishments ahead.

A few highlights:

  • Emma Reed published “Linking climate variability and growth in coral skeletal records from the Great Barrier Reefs” in Coral Reefs & was selected as a 2019 Carson Scholar!
  • Alice Chapman was awarded a prestigious Smithsonian Institution Fellowship and a Outstanding Student Presentation Award from the American Geophysical Union!
  • Emma Reed, Alice Chapman and Brianna Hoegler were selected as 2020 Galileo Circle Scholars
  • Maria Snyder, Brianna Hoegler and Sophia Bautista were awarded George Davis Undergraduate Research Awards
  • Alice Chapman and I had successful fieldwork in Kiritimati with collaborator Bess Koffman
  • I gave an invited talk at the PaleoENSO workshop in Belitung, Indonesia
  • Marcus Lofverstrom and I were awarded an NSF P2C2 grant, “Unravelling the Signals in Tropical Pacific Lake Archives: Towards Improved Holocene Hydroclimate Reconstructions”
  • And we had a TON of fun along the way.
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