ES520 Schedule


Week Date Topic Notes
1 01-23


Introduction to atmospheric dynamics

Introduction to ocean dynamics

Ruddiman Ch 2, Kohli Ch 3, Pinet Ch 6

2 01-30



Intro to Climate data, reanalysis & climate modeling

Deser et a. 2010Dee et al. 2014, Weart 2008

Timescales of variability & uncertainty discussion

Wunch 1999, Deser et al. 2012

Guiding questions


Discussion sign up (complete by Monday 2/5 @ 5PM)

3 02-06



Identifying modes of variability & IRI climate database tutorial

No class: IRI database work time

Help resources: IRI Function index; IRI Data tutorial; IRI Statistics Tutorial

(Optional EOF review paper)

DE1 assigned
4 02-13


El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) I

ENSO paper discussion I

Cai et al. 2014, Yeh et al. 2009, Yeh et al. supp mat

Guiding questions

DE2 assigned

DE 1 due

5 02-20



Monday Classes; ENSO discussion II

Vecchi et al. 2010: Future ENSO review

ENSO paper discussion (V. Pivotti lead)

Summary (T. McCabe & S. Brennan)

Dai et al. 2000, Li et al. 2015, Guiding questions

DE3 assigned, Capotondi et al. 2015

DE2 due

6 02-27



Monsoons paper discussion (D. Dennis lead)

Thompson et al. 2000, Staubwasser et al. 2003 

Guiding questions

Summary (K. Donnellan)

DE4 assigned

DE3 due

7 03-06


Spring Recess—no classes
8 03-13


Snow day

Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD)


DE4 due (3/16 @ 5PM)

9 03-20





IOD paper discussion (K. Donnellan & E. Chamberlain lead)

Saji and Yamagata 2003; Ashok et al. 2004

Guiding questions

Summary (C. Gambino)


Study guide



10 03-27


Annular Modes 

Annular Modes paper discussion (T. McCabe lead)

Abram et al. 2014, Barnes et al. 2013, Guiding questions

Summary (Y. Zhou)


DE5 assigned

11 04-03


Atlantic Multi-decadal Oscillation (AMO)

AMO paper discussion (C. Gambino lead)

Henry et al. 2016, Brown-Galbraith et al. 2016Guiding questions

Summary (D. Dennis)


DE5 due (4/6 @ 5PM)

12 04-10


Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) I

PDO paper discussion I

Di Lorenzo et al. 2015, Liguori et al. 2018Guiding questions (with particular focus on * process questions)

Summary (V. Pivotti)

DE6 assigned
13 04-17




Newman et al. 2016. PDV review


Project (DE6) work; No class


14 04-24




PDO paper discussion II (E. Reed lead)

DeLong et al. 2012, DeLong et al. 2012 SI, England et al. 2014, Guiding Questions

Summary ( E. Chamberlain)

Future modes discussion (Y. Zhou & S. Brennan lead)

Klower et al. 2014,  Chylek et al. 2016, Guiding questions

Summary (E. Reed)

15 05-01



Future modes / Wrap-up/ Review

Final exam review sheet

Take home exam administered

DE6 due
16 05-09 Take-home exam due (by email before 5PM)
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