Boobies, boobies, boobies!

Stephan and I leave here shortly to embark on the Pirata for a 3-day cruise to Genovesa and Bainbridge.  I’ve run out of time to finish updates on our Darwin and Wolf trip, so I’ll update more when we return. But, in the mean time, I want to share my favorite wildlife interactions thus far.
And of course, here in the Galapagos, boobies provide endless entertainment.  Darwin and Wolf are no exception, with easily thousands of Nazca and Red Footed Boobies taking residence on their near vertical cliffs and circling overhead.

This trip, we had the added entertainment of watching the young juvenile boobies do what preteens do best. 
Hours of endless entertainment watching them wrestle for the primo resting spots on the boat.  Landing on each other’s backs and falling over themselves trying to push another off.  

They also were very confused by our bubbles coming from our regulators and drilling equipment.  Because, after all, typically bubbles means dolphins or whales are corralling fish down below.  But they were slow to learn that we were in fact, not Orcas, and would dive over and over again above us in the water.  
And as we surfaced, they’d check us out repeatedly underwater as we hung out at our safety stop.  This interaction is one of my favorite moments from our dive:

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